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Deena Landau Graber, M.S., LPC.

Deena is a state licensed therapist specializing in adult, adolescent and teen therapy.

“As humans we have an innate capacity to learn, and therefore I strive to help my clients gain the knowledge of the tools available to them to enhance and better their lives.”

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Individual Therapy

For adolescents, teens & adults. Dealing with issues including: Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, suicide, violence, addiction, anger management, relationship issues, adoption issues, substance use and substance use evaluations, gender identity issues & stress.

Family Therapy

Used as a complimentary approach to Individual Therapy to promote healthy communication, respect & understanding between family members.

Guardian Ad Litem

Deena has been a registered Guardian Ad Litem in the state of Connecticut since 2013.


Stamford Family Therapy offers a therapeutic environment which fosters self healing through the education and implementation of the tools necessary to overcome life’s hurdles.


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